Who we are

Maison La Croix 1881 strives to be the epitome of Iconic Traditional Fashion and stands to offer timeless, elegant and cosmopolitan style.

Built around the passion of its Founders, Maison La Croix 1881 is undoubtedly the most contemporary of all traditional trading houses operating in America.

Attached to its traditions and very aligned with the new trends of our century, Maison La Croix 1881 is an online store like no other.

Under its various labels, our specialized trading house offers a new way of approaching sales, marketing and distribution of quality products. For nearly a half century, its Founders have collaborated with, or worked for, some of the most renowned retailers in North America, making them outstanding customer-centric entrepreneurs.

The distinctive reputation and image of the house are built around a wide range of products and brands. Our enduring purpose, which guides everything we do, is to inspire the dream of a better life through the authenticity and styles we strive to bring in your life.

A global vision

Maison La Croix 1881 is a global online retailer that strives to deliver products directly to consumers across North America, and around the world. Maison La Croix 1881 is enabling its customers to purchase a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices on www.maisonlacroix1881.com and other affiliate websites, which are available in several
foreign languages.

Maison La Croix 1881 is an online department store offering products in the categories of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, personal care and other luxury merchandise categories.

Maison La Croix 1881's innovative, data-driven business model allows it to offer luxury products at scale enabling optimized marketing, merchandising and fulfillment, keeping the customer experience at its best.

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